Beachy-Keen: Full Condo Reno

This beach-themed, completely renovated condo was a blank canvas.  You will be surprised with the transformation! 


  • Area: 1200 sq ft
  • Budget: 180k – 200k


Project Features


A signature project feature is the cool, natural limestone flooring throughout, a client preference that set the design palette while giving the finished condominium a unique look/feel.


The overall approach involved saving where possible, and spending on priorities: limestone and high-end appliances.


The condo now boasts the latest eco-friendly features: low-flush toilets and faucets, dimmer-controlled, energy-saving lighting, appliances, and programmable thermostats.


Understanding that “every inch counts,” this condo conversion features smart space-savers including pocket doors and built-in storage throughout; integrated appliances; and in-floor heating that eliminates the need for space-consuming baseboard heating, previously a major impediment when placing furniture.


A signature project highlight involved converting an existing, non-functioning closet into a highly-usable laundry centre offering a simple everyday solution and found space. With its built-in folding centre, the convenient-but-hidden laundry can double as a service area when entertaining.


The kitchen boasts modern, back-painted backsplash which contrasts pleasingly with the espresso-coloured, customized, money-saving, off-the-shelf cabinetry, for a clean/modern feel.


Bathrooms now feature custom walk-in showers, with flush-mounted rainfall showerhead in the master, floating, customized off-the-shelf vanities with trough sinks, low-flow toilets, and shower walls finished with natural stone. The master bathroom now accommodates two.


Gaining more kitchen space became reality by removing a wall and incorporating it into the dining room using a wall wraparound.


Reducing the footprint of the second-bedroom closet created space for the in-kitchen fridge. The den, also integrated into the space, is bigger and boasts more natural light.





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